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When I realized I lost my phone, I had no idea where it could be. I checked my email and someone had already contacted me to say they’d found it. LinkTag saved me so much time, money, and grief! —Danielle, Seattle, WA
My keys slipped out of my pocket in a taxi and I didn’t notice. The next passenger found them, messaged me through my LinkTag keychain, and I had them back in my pocket 15 minutes later. —Kevin, New York, NY
One day my cat disappeared and was nowhere to be found. Thanks to the LinkTag on his collar, someone who found him on the other side of town could message me right away, and he was home safe and sound that night. —Monica, Providence, RI

No more finders keepers.

How it works


Create a link

Fill in details to make a new LinkTag page and short link.


Put your new link wherever you want it to be found.

You can also Shop our LinkTags for products with links on them already.


Get important messages

Finders of your link can message you instantly, right through the page.

Smart protections ensure you only get messages you want.


You can respond directly to LinkTag’s email.

LinkTag forwards your message back to the finder, keeping your contact info private.


Key Features


  • Quick and easy to use. Create your own LinkTags, or reach someone through theirs, in seconds.
  • No download necessary. Because LinkTag works through the website and email, it already works for everyone.
  • Works with anything you can write or attach a link to—no need to buy anything special.
  • LinkTags are easy to use and share, and fit anywhere. LinkTags aren’t case-sensitive, and don’t use easily-confused characters like O and 0.
  • Emailed messages are threaded intelligently to keep conversations organized and easy to read.


  • Keep your contact info private. No need to post it in public just to be reachable.
  • Smart protections help ensure that you only get messages you want.
  • Even if your full name or contact info appears in emails you send in the “From” field or your signature, LinkTag intelligently strips it out, unlike other email anonymizers such as Craigslist’s.
  • Don’t need a LinkTag any longer? Just deactivate it and finders will no longer be able to message you through it.
  • We’re security experts, and fanatical about protecting your privacy.


  • Get back lost devices even if they’re offline or the battery’s dead.
  • You can always get to your LinkTag messages from any browser, even if you lose your phone or computer.
  • No need to worry about a LinkTag expiring before you’re done with it. A LinkTag will always work unless you decide to deactivate it.
  • Finders of your LinkTags can reach you quickly and easily from any device, while keeping their contact info private too, so you’re more likely to get messages you wouldn’t want to miss.


I already use Find My iPhone / Android, Tile, etc. Why should I use LinkTag?

Services like Find My iPhone don’t give someone who finds your lost device a way to contact you. So you’re left hoping they find another way to reach you. And of course, these services only work while your device is charged up and online. LinkTag still works when your device’s battery dies, it’s in the subway with no signal, etc.

With Tile, someone who finds your lost item first has to download the Tile app, create an account, and then sign in, so that their phone reports your Tile as found at their location. Then the finder is supposed to take your item to a police station and leave it there. So much hassle, many put it off, if they do it at all!

LinkTag and Tile are actually complementary. Tile is more helpful when you lose something that you’re still within Bluetooth range of and can still find yourself, whereas LinkTag helps more when you’ve left something farther away and someone else finds it.

By giving you and the finder an easy way to instantly message one another, you can immediately start coordinating returning the item, without wasting critical time wondering what to do, leaving it up to the police, or wherever else the finder leaves the item.

Can I use the same LinkTag link for different things?

We recommend you use a different LinkTag for each item you want to tag. This makes it easier for someone who finds your link to understand what it’s for. For example, if Dan uses the same link for his phone, keys, laptop, and headphones, then someone who goes to the link on his keys would see something like “You found Dan’s LinkTag for: phone, keys, laptop, or headphones”, which could be a little confusing.

Is LinkTag only good for lost-and-found?

LinkTag is great for lost-and-found, but it also works anywhere else you’d like to be instantly reachable without leaving your phone number or email. Putting up fliers or signs, leaving a note with a message or a question? Anywhere you’d like to create a digital-physical interaction point, LinkTag is useful. People come up with interesting new ways to use LinkTag all the time!

I have another question that doesn’t appear here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get right back to you!

Did you know?

If a lost item is found by someone with means of inquiry to the owner, they are obligated by law to try to return the item.

Items with LinkTags have a much higher chance of being returned.

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